Built for busy people


With the Xitracs Portalâ„¢ engaging faculty and staff gets easier

Less Fuss

Faculty can access and input information through a simple interface. Say goodbye to lengthy and complex workshops, plus a single sign-on (SSO) option means no separate logon is required.

Viewing Options

Choose the features you want to be available to faculty and staff via the Portal. Gather plan, assessment and compliance report input. No more ad hoc emails with attachments to copy and manage.


It's easy for faculty to provide feedback, such as adding a new CV or commenting on a qualification. Providing peer comments on a plan or assessment just got easier too.


The Xitracs Portal provides faculty and staff with a simple way to view and input relevant information.
The clean intuitive design works on mobile devices such as tablets, as well as a desktop.

Feature rich and simple to use

Contact us today and arrange a brief online demonstration and let us show you how Xitracs can benefit your institution, with a flexible and affordable solution.

The reports you need, the ease they want..

Xitracs is built to help you gather, track and report information without burdening faculty and staff with a complex and difficult to use system. It's that simple!